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Some advice for making any website more accessible…

Disability should not prevent access to websites. PC and MAC computers both have varying inbuilt settings that help all users access and enter information.

We have used Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems as examples but there will be similar features and support in all operating systems  (please consult your manuals or online help to find out specifics for your system).

In Windows 7 there is an 'Ease of Access' Centre which gives quick links to accessibility features - simply press the Windows logo key and 'U' to open the centre 

Microsoft support

Windows Magnifier

Make webpages easier to see 

Windows narrator 

On-screen keyboard 

Subtitles on videos 

Touch screen technology 

High contrast 

Speech recognition 

Make the mouse easier to use 

Use text or visual alternatives for sounds 

Keyboard shortcuts and sticky keys 

Turn off website styles 

St Peter's Accessibility Statement

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