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Revd Dr Bill GoodmanThis page is compiled and updated by Revd Dr Bill Goodman.  Bill is Assistant Principal of St Peter's College and Director of Ongoing Ministerial Development.  Feedback and suggestions are welcome.  

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Here are some useful resources, particularly websites, grouped into three sections:

  1. The Biblical Text                                                        Go to section

  2. Commentary and Study Resources from Scholars    Go to section

  3. Useful Resources for Church Leaders and Groups    Go to section




The Biblical Text

Various translations and study aids.      Click on the logos to open these resources.

Bible Gateway logo

Here you can find numerous different Bible translations, which can be viewed in parallel.  Also good for word searches. logo Similar to Bible Gateway, but a different presentation format. Also includes Greek New Testament.
Bible Hub logo

Along with various translations, this also offers interlinear texts, Hebrew-English and Greek-English.

Tynedale House logo

Biblical text study resources from Tyndale House in Cambridge. More specifically, try  


Blue Letter Bible Logo

Useful for word searches, includes Greek and Hebrew lexicon and Strong’s numbers.  Also has commentaries with a conservative perspective. logo

A recent Bible translation with accompanying study resources.  Includes good quality maps of the ancient world.





Commentary and Study Resources

Produced by various biblical scholars, some of these are detailed and technical, others aim at a wider audience.      Click on the logos to open these resources..

St Johns College logo Visually rich videos on biblical books by a wide variety of leading scholars, produced by St John’s College, Nottingham.  
Bible dex logo

A video approach, largely ‘talking heads’, with scholars from Nottingham University introducing books of the Bible.  


A wiki of concise and accessible articles produced by specialists who are all members of the Society for Old Testament Study.

OT Gateway logo

An annotated, academic directory of internet sites on the Old Testament.  Produced from Tabor College, Australia.

Similar to OT Gateway, but for the New Testament.  Edited by Mark Goodacre, of Duke University, USA. 
John and Kathleen Show logo

Resources from leading OT scholar John Goldingay and his wife Kathleen; see the various tabs on the left side of their page.  

Ralph Klein logo

Site by Ralph Klein, OT scholar.  Good for historical background to the Old Testament.

Dead Sea scrolls logo See what the Dead Sea Scrolls look like, and some commentary on what’s in them.
paul page logo

Explains and discusses recent thinking about the apostle Paul, such as the ‘New Perspective’ and Paul’s attitudes to the Roman empire.

nt wright page logo

An ‘unofficial website’ dedicated to the work of N.T. (Tom) Wright, including lectures, articles, interviews and sermons.

Bible Odyssey logo

Articles and good quality visuals on numerous biblical topics.  Produced by a wide variety of scholars who are part of the Society of Biblical Literature.




Useful Resources for Church Leaders and Groups 

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The Bible Project - visual storytelling meets the bible

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Introducing Proverbs

Example of a Bible Project animated video

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1 Timothy overview

Example of a Bible Project animated video

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Making Sense of Scripture

Resources to help in understanding and interpreting the Bible.

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Bible Introduction

Introductory teaching notes on biblical books by Bill Goodman

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Bible Reading Notes

Concise study notes for leaders, published by BRF. On Nehemiah, Song of Songs, Jonah, 1 Corinthians & 2 Peter

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Gospel videos by the LUMO Project

Stunning videos of all four gospels in full. LUMO is a groundbreaking, multi-language biblical resource th...

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Characters in the Bible

A series of Bible studies on the men and women of scripture.

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Unlock Bible Study Resources

Study resources for the text-shy culture

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Unlock Taster Session Resources

Short activities to demonstrate the Unlock approach

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The Bible in the Life of the Church

Resources from and for the Anglican Communion

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Psephizo - a new testament blog

A blog by Ian Paul, NT scholar. Good for making thoughtful links between the bible and contemporary issues.

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The Bible Course

Bible Society course for small groups, revised 2018.

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LICC - Bible & Culture Resources

Articles, videos and other resources illuminating the Bible for our culture

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LICC - Video Resources

A wide variety of Bible teaching video talks to impact our lives and our culture

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Bible Dudes

A light-hearted introduction to biblical studies with cartoon elements!

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You Version - Bible App

God's Word is with you - a free Bible app with most versions available for all smart phone platforms

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