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moses and the tabletsCloud of Witnesses

Cloud of Witnesses is a series of Bible studies on the men and women of scripture. You'll find everyone from Gideon and Andrew through to Tamar and Tabitha.  The studies are designed to do either by yourself or as a small group to study and learn together. 

These studies aren’t claiming to be the definitive final world on a biblical character, they are a starting point, a way to begin to think about our fore-fathers and fore-mothers and see what we might learn about following God from them. 

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Ruth Perrin, the author, is on staff at King's Church Durham and holds an MA in Theology and Ministry.

Characters in Alphabetical Order

Abigail - Calm in a crisis
Andrew - Living in someone else's shadow
Anna - In it for the long haul!
Aschah - Speaking up!
Barak - Do I have to do it all by myself?
Ehud - Not the usual type of leader!
Eli - Pick a side
Elijah - The God of Encouragement
Esther - God in Control
Eunice - A woman of influence
Gideon - Hidden potential to lead
Huldah - A Reputation worth having!
Jael - Guts & Glory!
Jehosheba - God’s heart for the little ones!
Joanna - Passing on her blessings
John Mark - A man who blew it
Jonah - A patient, merciful God
Jonathan - Friends to the end
Leah and Rachel - Not so happy families!
Lot - It was all going so well...
Miriam - Why should he get all the credit?
Naaman's Slave Girl - A Nameless Girl with Remarkable Faith
Nympha, Lydia and Mary - I wonder how you do with sharing?
Obadiah - Facing your fears
Pilate's Wife
Priscilla - Wholehearted partnership
Rhoda - Ditzy or Delighted?
Rizpah - Refusing to give up
Ruth - A God of generosity
Saul - What will everyone think of me?
Sheerah & Shallum’s Daughters - Building something significant
Solomon - A God of wisdom
Tabitha - An extraordinary, ordinary woman
Tamar - The woman who refused to be a Victim
The Shunammite Woman - Faith and Disappointment

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