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From Anecdote to Evidence (Findings from the Church Growth Research Programme 2011-2013 p24) says:

There is an urgent need to focus on children, young people and their parents and a challenge to identify how the church can best invest in people, programmes and strategies which will encourage young people actively to continue exploring faith.

The Diocese of Sheffield offers excellent training for this vital work through the Aurora Children programme.

Aurora Children is for anyone aged 16+ working with children in church, community or school. A child-centred course, suitable for those just beginning to work with children and for those who have done so for many years. Through input, guided reading, sharing, activities and reflection on your own practice, you will be empowered to find a fresh focus.  It is designed for people who could commit to eight Wednesday evening sessions plus three Saturdays with time for private study.  

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Step 1

If you are considering becoming a children's leader or developing your knowledge and skills further, you should start with a discussion with your church leader.  

Step 2

You would then go on to apply for the 8 month Aurora Children programme.   On completion of the course, participants within the Anglican church in the diocese of Sheffield may be authorised by the Bishop as Children's Ministers in their parish.

Step 3

There are a number of network gatherings that would keep you in touch with course leaders and importantly other children's workers in the area to share ideas and resources.  You would also be expected to undergo Level C2 Safeguarding Training.

Taking this further...

Go to Aurora Children course

Register your interest by completing our online form. Visit the Aurora website

Alternatively for more information, you can contact Mike North directly via email:

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Visit the Diocese of Sheffield youth and children's pages for more resources and links.

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