Ongoing Ministerial Development (OMD)


Those of us who lead in ministry need to keep growing and developing in our understanding, skills and spiritual life.  Ongoing Ministerial Development (building on what was previously called CMD) is essential for everyone in licensed lay and ordained roles.  The aim is to enable all to flourish in mission, ministry and discipleship.

Each of us is responsible for our own life-long learning.  To help in planning and achieving this, we are invited to develop a personal learning plan through St Peter’s College.  When activating your membership of St Peter’s, you are asked to indicate which areas of learning particularly interest you.  Once you have done this, email alerts are sent to you regularly, indicating courses and resources of relevance to you. 

Feedback from Ministry Development Reviews and Mission Action Planning helps us to keep refining what is offered.  OMD opportunities include seminars, conferences and peer-support groups; some of these are organised locally, others within the wider Yorkshire region and beyond.  Alongside these face-to-face events, the St Peter’s digital learning environment enables access to a blend of web-based gatherings and resources. 

Current examples of training events

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Clergy and stipendiary lay ministers may claim up to £225 per year towards the cost of training events, retreats or quiet days.

A limited number of sabbatical grants (up to £825 per person) and postgraduate study grants (up to £750 per person) are available each year, subject to episcopal approval.

Inevitably, the OMD budget is limited but grants from other sources may also be available.  

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or if you would prefer you could download an application form complete and return to us. Download Grant Application Form

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Leading Well Course

This is required part of the OMD for all those beginning new incumbencies in the Diocese of Sheffield under Common Tenure.

There are a number of components to the programme

  1. Initial 36 hour Residential – this includes themes of listening for mission, a theology of church leadership, managing time, setting priorities, growing new vision and finding support.
  2. Study Days – these cover four areas of study: Watching over yourself; Working with individuals and teams; Leading the Christian community; Leadership in wider society.
  3. The retreat focusses around prayer, study and listening to God.

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Leading Well

Developing Excellence in Church Leadership (for incumbents only)

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