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screen shot effective church communications trainingPractical and basic training for church communicators offered by Effective Church Communications - Yvon Prehn

Most people come into church communications often as part of another job in the church. Often they don't have any formal training in design, writing, website and social media, images and type or the many other skills required for successful communications.

The training here is for church communicators in that category. It is primarily PC-based, basic, and has as its foundational goal to help church communicators fully fulfill the Great Commission!


  1. How to create social Media images with PowerPoint and Canva
  2. Intro and how to sign in to PicMonkey
  3. How to make your fonts/typefaces compatible in Canva, MS Publisher, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint

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5 steps to effective communications coverE-books for Communicators

You can buy any of the Effective Church Communications publications in e-book, PDF format using the link below.

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Templates - postcards, newsletters, invitations, door hangers... etc.

Loads of templates that you can use for the main festivals - click on the links below.  


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The Five Steps of Effective Church Communications and Marketing

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Communications Online Training

Effective Church Communications Training by Yvon Prehn - 3 modules to help with graphics and design of comm...

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