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IME Phase 2 2017 Handbook

Key information for curates in this ministerial process

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IME Phase 2 aims to support curates in developing as leaders and team members allowing them to understand and experience the changing role of the ordained minister in order to stimulate and enable others to participate more fully in the mission of God in the world.

After ordination, the diocese in which the candidate is ordained is responsible for the second phase of training during a curacy which takes 3 to 4 years.  In this phase of training the candidate is supported by a training incumbent and by the IME officer of the diocese.

Leading to…

This process can lead to a post of first responsibility (incumbency) or a post of assistant status.

Process outline and qualifications

The structure of the IME Phase 2 process is categorised into 3 sections:

  1. Training Parish Incumbent – all curates are placed within a parish and the role of the training incumbent is of primary importance. A ‘Learning Agreement’ is drawn up between the curate and incumbent with a clear training plan.
  2. Diocesan IME programme – this covers mentor groups, training days. A residential conference and a possible placement elsewhere.
  3. Yorkshire Regional Training Partnership (RTP).The RTP is a covenanted ecumenical partnership including the Anglican dioceses of Sheffield, York and Leeds. This provides a Deacons Day for all curates in their first year to reflect on the transition to ordained ministry and then 2 modules which curates are also required to undertake during the second and third years of curacy. The aim is to stretch curates theologically through teaching at academic levels as a region. 

There are formation criteria organised under seven headings:

A. Christian faith, tradition and life,

B. Mission, evangelism and discipleship,

C. Spirituality and worship,

D. Relationships,

E. Personality and character,

F. Leadership, collaboration and community,

G. Vocation and ministry within the Church of England.

Commitment and requirements

This is a 3 to 4 year process and you will be required to complete the following:


You must have been selected for ordination and completed pre-ordination training.

Key dates

There is an induction day in July and the IME Phase 2 process then starts in September.  A printed programme will provide you with all of the key dates for training and events.

IME Phase 2 Handbook 2017

Click here for 2017 IME Phase 2 Handbook


IME Phase 2 costs are all covered by the Diocese of Sheffield.

Next steps

You will be provided with a full handbook of information  containing guidelines, learning objectives and dates.

The Director of IME Phase 2 is Revd Tim Fletcher

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Key locations

Training and events will take place in many venues within and outside the Diocese.

Considering ordination?

If you are considering ordination visit our Pathways page and for full information read the document 'Exploring Your Vocation'.

Click here for Ordained Clergy Vocations information

Course Instance Dates

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Initial Ministerial Education (IME) Phase2

Training for curates following pre-ordination training

Leading The Church

Who can I contact about the course?

Course leader: Revd Tim Fletcher

Read more about Tim on Key People

You can contact Tim at

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