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Gail - Lay Parish Evangelist

Gail speaks about her Year One training to be a Parish Evangelist

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Church Army, Wilson Carlile Centre

50 Cavendish Street, Sheffield, S3 7RZ

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The course is designed to fit around busy lives and runs from September to July involving one Sunday a month and two Saturdays a year.

Leading to…

This course prepares lay ministers for licensed service in the church as a Pastoral Worker.

Further information

How do I know if God is calling me to be a Lay Parish Evangelist?

Some people would say, ‘That’s easy – is your heart’s desire to lead people to Christ? If so, you’re an evangelist; any other answer, you’re not.’ Having worked with lay evangelists for many years, I am not sure it’s that simple. Firstly, some people wouldn’t use those particular words in their church tradition but their aims might be remarkably similar. Of more importance is the fact that I have seen a wide range of types of evangelist. I think it is this, more than anything else, which can free people to realise that God could be calling them to this ministry. This is partly about breaking through the stereotype that the only model of evangelist is Billy Graham; it isn’t. 

webicon Download full document pdf by Revd John Hibberd, Mission Development Advisor & Warden of Lay Parish Evangelists 

What is Lay Ministry?

The active involvement and leadership of lay people is critical to the Church which needs a rich diversity of ministers in order to serve the mission and ministry of the church and God calls those from all backgrounds and educational ability.  Those involved in lay ministry are leaders and enablers in their local church communities, who have recognised God’s grace and call in their lives and their gifts have been affirmed by their local church.

Commitment and requirements

Training to become a Licensed Lay Minister can take between two and four years and then an opportunity to study further for at least one more year.  This varies according to gifting and calling. It is part-time but can lead to an accredited award in Higher Education. The course runs September to July.


There are no academic pre-requisites but you must have completed the Foundations year and be referred by your church leader.

Course outline and qualification

Those studying to be Pastoral Workers or Parish Evangelists normally work towards a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission (120 credits) during their two years of training.  Readers who study for three years will normally work towards a Certificate in Higher Education in Christian Ministry and Mission (180 credits  Key R-Reader PW-Pastoral Worker, PE-Parish Evangelist

Year 1 – see Foundations course outline

Year 2

Autumn - Foundations for Ministry & Mission in Context

Spring - Introduction to Pastoral Care

Summer -  Christian Discipleship

Key dates

First Sunday September

Final Sunday July


See individual instance of this course below.

Next steps

The Diocese of Sheffield offers a ‘What next?’ open morning.  This offers a chance to ask questions and see which paths are available to you, along with guidance on what you may be suited to.  See the Events section of this site.

The first stage is to fill in an application form which needs references of support from your PCC and Incumbent.  These are available from the Diocesan Office.

Meet with the training team to discuss the next step including enrolment on to the Foundations for Ministry course.  For those selected there will be three induction sessions before the course formally starts in September.

To attend a ‘What Next?’ Open morning, or to obtain an application form for the Foundations for Ministry course contact:

Email icon  Trish Stafford, Training    phone icon 01709 309147

Key locations 

Most sessions will take place at Church Army, Wilson Carlile Centre, 50 Cavendish Street, Sheffield S3 7RZ

Course Instance Dates

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Reaching Out

Who can I contact about the course?

Course leader: Canon Dr Christine Gore

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You can contact Christine at

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