What people say about Cursillo

"I warmly endorse Cursillo as a tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit. but be warned: yuou are unlikely to emerge from the process unchallengeed or unchanged." 

Rt. Revd Pete Wilcox, Bishop of Sheffield


What the Archbishops say about Cursillo…

“Through Cursillo the love of God is experienced afresh, an experience which draws us into prayer and compassionate action. Because of this, Cursillo is a much needed instrument for the renewal of the life of the Church today, and one for which I give thanks.”
Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Revd Justin Welby

“Cursillo is about making disciples; it transforms people’s lives and empowers them for service. Cursillo is active in most Dioceses of this Province, for which I praise God.”
Archbishop of York The Most Revd John Sentamu


These comments have been taken from people attending the most recent Cursillo weekend...


"What an amazing weekend. One of those you do not want to end. I could go on and on. Arriving full of wonder and apprehension but leaving full of enthusiasm, elated, much closer to God. So thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Everyone was truly amazing. What a team. They worked so hard. I still can’t believe the number of people praying for us, for me!! People who don’t even know me."


"What a wonderful weekend, will stay with me for ever."


"I just wish more people in the wider Anglican community were aware of the course – and I will do my best to spread the word."


"I found all the talks very inspiring, some quite moving. The amazing way everyone connected. For me it left me wanting more, waiting, finding out what God has in store for me now. I felt a sense of relief in managing to let go of some of my worries, things weighing me down. I now feel I have another family, my Cursillo family and I can’t thank you enough."


"I have never felt so loved, so prayed for, and so bathed in God's Spirit as I did on my Cursillo weekend. Quite simply, it changed my life and totally transformed my relationship with God. "

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