Emmaus: The Way of Faith

What is Emmaus?

The Emmaus: Way of Faith resource is aimed at adults as is designed to help churches welcome people into the Christian faith and the life of the Church. It is rooted in an understanding of evangelism, nurture and discipleship that is modelled on the example of Jesus, as portrayed in the story of the Emmaus road. 

Emmaus has three stages: contact, nurture and growth. It begins by encouraging the vision of the local church for evangelism and giving practical advice on how to develop contact with those outside the Church. The course material provided also includes a 15-week nurture course that covers the basics of the Christian life and four growth books that offer Christians an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Christian living and discipleship.

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The Emmaus collection includes;


Contact is a practical, hands-on booklet that helps churches make the most of their connections with those outside the church.

Most churches find that setting-up a course for non-churchgoers to explore Christianity is not the most difficult task - getting them to come is the real test. Here's where Contact steps in.

Contact builds on insights from recent research and case studies and provides helpful advice for churches on:

  • Making contact with those outside the church
  • Making the most of existing contacts, such as occasional attendees, toddler groups
  • Connecting with people's spirituality
  • How to set up a nurture group
  • Encouraging your church to be involved in evangelism and outreach


Nurture is a 15-session course for enquirers and new Christians that is also suitable for an adult confirmation course.

It consists of:

  • Part 1: What Christians believe (5 sessions)
  • Part 2: How Christians grow (5 sessions)
  • Part 3: Living the Christian life (5 sessions)

The fully revised Second edition includes the following new features and changes:

  • Harmonized with Common Worship material wherever necessary.
  • More extensive background reading for leaders Inclusive language used throughout.
  • All Bible quotations from the NRSV.
  • More explicit links with other Emmaus materials.
  • A wider range of suggestions for using video as appropriate.
  • Members' handouts have been reduced to 2 sides of A4 - making them easier to photocopy.
  • Members' handouts are interspersed with the Leader's Guide, instead of being grouped together at the end of the book.
  • Additional information on the Emmaus series and issues such as time away and meals together.

Each session has either been revised or re-written - ensuring that the whole course is clearer and up-to-date.

Growth: Knowing God

Designed to deepen new Christians' understanding of the basics of Christian doctrine it addresses questions like:

  • How does God affect the whole of my life?
  • What significance does the story of Jesus Christ have for my life?
  • What part should the Holy Spirit play in my life?

It examines these issues through four short courses:

  • 1. Living the Gospel (4 sessions)
  • 2. Knowing the Father (4 sessions)
  • 3. Knowing Jesus (4 sessions)
  • 4. Come, Holy Spirit (4 sessions)

Growth: Christian Lifestyle

Christian Lifestyle is designed to help disciples live out their faith. It includes four short courses exploring some of the fundamental questions about our identity as Christians:

  • Does sin matter?
  • How do I cope with myself?
  • What difference should faith make to my outlook and prejudices?
  • Who am I?

It examines these issues through four short courses: 

  • 1. Living Images: How can we be fully human? (4 sessions)
  • 2. Overcoming Evil: Does sin matter and can it be overcome (5 sessions) 
  • 3. Personal Identity: Understanding ourselves and loving others (5 sessions)
  • 4. Called into life: Living our wholes lives for God (5 sessions) 

Growth: Growing as a Christian

Growing as a Christian includes five short courses to encourage believers toward maturity in key areas of the Christian life:

  • Growing in prayer (4 sessions)
  • Growing in the Scriptures (5 sessions)
  • Being church (4 sessions)
  • Growing in worship - understanding the sacraments (5 sessions)
  • Life, death and Christian hope (3 sessions)

Growth: Your Kingdom Come

This text looks at two main issues: the Beatitudes and the Kingdom.

The first part explores the relationship between Jesus' teaching in the Beatitudes and the values by which Christians are called to live and shape their lifestyle.

The second part explores the Kingdom and the actions Christians are called to take in seeking to be part of God's concern for the whole world.

It looks at three Old Testament themes (Sabbath, Jubilee, Shalom) and shows how Christians are called to take action where people are suffering from injustice, marginalization and deprivation. 

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