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St Peter’s College exists to serve everyone in the Diocese and covers 7 core areas of learning...

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4th September to 5th September 2018

APSE Annual Conference for Pastoral Supervision

Our Annual Conference is a great opportunity to connect with other people involved in Pastoral Supervision, whether as supervisors, educators, or other interested parties.

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14th September to 16th September 2018

Minority Ethnic Vocations Conference

Save the date: Come & See 2018

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19th September 2018

Leadership School 3

Over the course of three days, CPAS is offering a 'mini leadership school' at St Mary's Sale, during which they will explore a number of issues that will help you 'step up' in the leadership you bring and nurture of others. Each of the three days is designed to stand alone - but the three days will coalesce to offer...

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21st September 2018

Catholic Evangelism Lecture

The Annual Sheffield Diocesan Catholic Evangelism Lecture

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22nd September 2018

Mental Health Awareness Day

An awareness day produced and delivered by people with lived experience of mental health issues

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22nd September 2018

Gypsies and Travellers - A Community Outside a Community

Saturday 22nd September 2018 with Robert Dawson (Hon President of Britain’s largest Gypsy Traveller organisation)

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24th September 2018

The Happiness Course

Leaders Training, Come and talk about something meaningful – Livability’s The Happiness Course

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25th September 2018

Creative Spaces Workshop

A one day felting workshop with times of stillness, quiet and simple meditation

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26th September 2018

Learning Hubs 1 - Risky Relationships

Christians and Sheffield Schools CASS - series of 4 events for anyone with a concern for the next generation

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1st October to 5th October 2018

Renewing and Re-Envisioning Ministry

A course run in the context of a retreat at Scargill House, with plenty of space to pray and reflect.

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2nd October 2018

The 7th Annual Walter Tapper Lecture

The Community of the Resurrection and the Mirfield Liturgical Institute present Space, People and Ritual: The first cathedral at Salisbury (Old Sarum)

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5th October to 7th October 2018

Living Deaneries 2018 National Conference

Engines for Discipleship, Social Justice and Evangelism

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9th October to 11th October 2018

Retirement Preparation

A Conference for Clergy and their Partners at Scargill House.

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13th October 2018

Loving God and Neighbour in Business

Our third Faith in Business conference asks what the commands of Jesus - to love God and neighbour - mean in competitive business.

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16th October 2018

‘Full of Character: Educating the Digital Generation for a Humane Future'

With the Very Revd Dr Frances Ward

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17th October to 18th October 2018

Families and Faith after Baptism

Building on national research, this 24 hour residential conference will help churches encourage families on a journey of discipleship and faith

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20th October 2018

A Day of Celebration in Vocation and Diversity

A Day of Celebration in Vocation and Diversity.

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27th October 2018

Social Media Workshop

A full morning session aimed at parish churches looking at practical use of social media.

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2nd November to 4th November 2018

It's Your Call Weekend - CPAS Birmingham

18 to 30? Wondering what God wants you to do with your life?

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3rd November 2018


Blended Festival 2018 - The 4th National Anglican Fresh Expressions Conference

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14th November 2018

Learning Hubs 2 - Exploring Self-worth

Christians and Sheffield Schools CASS - series of 4 events for anyone with a concern for the next generation

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16th November 2018

Conflict, authority and difference in churches

A training day for clergy and church leaders: using insights from group analytic psychotherapy to understand church groups

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17th November 2018

Apt Worship in Times of Grief and Sorrow

Praxis Yorkshire Event - Useful day for Pastoral Workers and Bereavement Visitors as well as Worship Leaders ordained and lay.

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11th February to 13th February 2019

Changing Posts

A residential course for clergy and lay ministers who have changed post recently

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13th February 2019

Learning Hubs 3 - Mental Health

Christians and Sheffield Schools CASS - series of 4 events for anyone with a concern for the next generation

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3rd May to 5th May 2019

National Messy Church Conference 2019

Dates for diary, further details to be confirmed.

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21st May 2019

Learning Hubs 4 - Online Bullying & Social Media

Christians and Sheffield Schools CASS - series of 4 events for anyone with a concern for the next generation

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