Creative Worship Challenge - January 2018

8th January to 26th January 2018

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Contributions of Work - Art etc - for our January 2018 Creative Worship project. the "Our Father" and "the Beatitudes"

Creative Worship Challenge - January 2018



January 2018 Creative Worship Invitation- 

  • Our Theme:  The "Our Father" to start off the new year, the first prayer Our Lord gave us and "The Beatitudes" the blessings given to us at the sermon on the mount.
  • Contributions of original work, to be in by Friday January 26th 2018 to put towards a video as a resource for parishes.
  • Paintings, poems, music, etc to be shared freely, but for worship purposes only and not used for profit unless individual artist gives permission.   Acknowledgements and links of contirubting artists will be on the video.   If you don't want any links including that's fine too.  
  • Original works only please.    As always copyright and intellectual property will remain with the individual, please sign your work. 
  • The completed video to be shared on youtube.

Suitable for...

Everyone all contributions welcome 



How to participate.

if you want to join our closed facebook page:

 Creative Worship Diocese of Sheffield 

please send a friend request and one of our admin will add you. 

If you wish to send in work without being on facebook please send images etc by the due date to:  



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