Sheffeel International Arts Conference

20th April to 22nd April 2018

Social Action
Mixed economy

Creating an Ecology of Hope through Arts, Social Justice and Faith

Sheffeel International Arts Conference


Sheffeel International Arts Conference 2018 gives you a unique opportunity to come and use your senses to explore Sheffield’s creative spirit and deep roots in social justice and faith. This conference will look at what it means to create an ecology of hope through a set of inspirational talks, seminars and practical workshops. There will be a chance to uncover the history of the arts by delving into the heritage of this steel city and discovering more about the poet and humanitarian, James Montgomery.

You will learn new creative skills in two 3-hour workshops led by professional artists at Exchange Place Studios. These will range from metal work, printing, glass making, CADS, woodwork, pottery, painting, embroidery and perfume-making. The Saturday night ‘Sheffeel Showcase’ at The Montgomery will give you a flavour of Sheffield’s character through music, performance and artist presentations. We aim to give you a real Sheffeel welcome with this exciting programme of events so that you will experience the creative spirit of its people and leave feeling refreshed, inspired and full of idea


Suitable for...

Creative people who want learn new artistic skills


4.30pm (Friday) to 5.00pm (Sunday)



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The Montgomery, Surrey St, Sheffield, S1 2LG and Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield S2 5TR

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