Bible Introduction

Quill and hebrew text

These notes have developed over years of teaching in Ethiopia and then various parts of the UK, most recently Lincoln.  

They are reproduced here by kind agreement of the Lincoln School of Theology.


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Reading Biblical Narratives

How to read and interpret narrative, particularly in the Old Testament.

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Themes in the Pentateuch

An brief outline of major themes found in Genesis-Deuteronomy

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Themes in Joshua-Kings

An brief outline of themes and characters in these biblical books.

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Psalms - Introduction

An introduction to the different types of Psalms

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OT Prophets - Introduction

An introduction to the OT prophetic books

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OT Wisdom - Introduction

An introduction to the OT Wisdom books

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From OT to NT

A very brief guide to the inter-testamental period

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What are the Gospels?

Examining the genre of the four canonical Gospels

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Reading the Gospels

A few guidelines on how to approach these distinctive books

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Four Stories of One Story

Summary of background and content of each of the four canonical Gospels

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Stories within the Story: Parables

An introduction to how Jesus' parables work and ways to read and retell them.

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Caring Conversations: NT Letters

How to read the New Testament letters

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Revealing Mysteries: Apocalyptic

How to read the apocalyptic writings, particularly Daniel and Revelation

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