Book Grant awarded to St Peter's Resource Centre

25th April 2017

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Book Grant awarded to St Peter's Resource Centre

We are pleased to announce that St Peter' College Resource Centre has been awarded a grant for the purchase of books benefiting those studying for lay ministry.

This is part of a steady process of improvement to make the resource centre accessible to more people, aligning the contents to the Diocesan training courses such as Foundations and lay reader training which is part of the School of Ministry.

Other innovations include a study space that all members can use and online access to the list of resources available from the centre. 

The object of Rebecca Hussey’s Book Charity is to provide religious and other useful books to institutions in the United Kingdom. The charity aims to do this by offering support to libraries in small institutions where religious study and development are encouraged.   


Charity Background

Until recently little was known of Rebecca Hussey other than her generosity. Recent research has revealed that she was the  daughter of Sir Thomas Hussey and Sarah Langham of Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire. Born about 1668 she died unmarried in her mid-forties in 1714 and is buried in St Wilfrid's Church, Honington, Lincolnshire.

Her will left money for many charitable purposes, and three established charities in her name continue in existence today: the Rebecca Hussey Trust for Africans (which became part of the USPG 1975); another for the benefit of poor prisoners in Lincoln and the adjoining counties which was merged with the Lincoln Prison Charity in April 1981 to form the Lincolnshire Discharged Prisoners Welfare Charity; and finally this Book Charity.

Rebecca Hussey’s varied bequests display her interest in many different people and their welfare.  In keeping with her broad concern to serve others, the Book Charity is pleased to offer grants to collections that can be used by many people.

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