Cursillo Small Group Resource launched!

21st May 2018

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Cursillo  Small Group Resource launched!

The new resource in the form of a simple leaflet is designed to support individuals with their spiritual development by offering a methodology for meeting as a small group of Christians and combines Prayer, Study and Action.

The Cursillo® movement will be launching this at the Sheffield Diocesan conference in June this year. Groups will be able to use the reource how they want, of course, but there are some suggestions:

In a prayer group (probably 3-5 people is optimum, so a bigger group could be split into smaller groups).

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire your conversation.
  2. Ask the questions for Prayer, then Study, then Action of each other and listen carefully with compassion and wonder as each person responds.
  3. Pray a prayer of thanks for all you have shared.

It is recommended that the process is shared with the same group of people regularly so your love of God for one another and for the world grows, and your faith and trust deepens.

“I warmly endorse Cursillo as a tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit. But be warned: you are unlikely to emerge from the process unchallenged or

Rt Revd Pete Wilcox, Bishop of Sheffield

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About Cursillo®

Cursillo® is one way of being a disciple. It is based on a simple discipline of prayer, study and action. Its purpose is to support the church in its mission of growing disciples. An ancient Christian practice is to meet with friends in small groups for mutual support, encouragement and growth. The Cursillo® approach, using prayer, study and action, is built on this and is practised widely across the Anglican Church.

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