NEWS - Dementia and Faith Network launched

9th July 2018

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NEWS - Dementia and Faith Network launched

Over the last few years there has been a ground swell of interest around dementia, with fantastic initiatives to improve our understanding of dementia, challenge stigma and build communities which are inclusive and supportive for those affected. Within the church, there is much being done nationally and locally to support dementia-friendly communities and to consider how we can better support those within our congregations who are affected by dementia.

In South Yorkshire, there are fantastic examples of ministry for people with dementia, alongside many churches who would like support and guidance to think about how they may start to become more dementia friendly.

The St Peter’s College Dementia & Faith Network is an ecumenical group, open to everyone with an interest in dementia and faith.

There are many things that churches can do to support those affected by dementia and we can all learn from one another. Our vision is that this network can become a way of linking people together, sharing wisdom from one another in this important area of ministry.

By following the links you will find a range of resources, giving an overview of what dementia is, how to build dementia friendly churches and support the faith practices for people living with dementia and of those supporting them. Details on how to join the network can be found on the welcome page. By joining the network you will also be able to contribute to discussion in the chat room and upload your stories to share with others. You will also receive invitations to our twice yearly meetings to meet others from the network in person.

Click on the link below to start...

link image to dementia resources

If you would like more information about the network, or you would like to join, please contact:
Dr Gemma Graham (  


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