Lay ministry celebrated at the Cathedral

17th September 2016

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Lay ministry celebrated at the Cathedral

38 adults were admitted or authorised to work as ‘Lay Ministers’ across the Diocese of Sheffield by the Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows on Saturday 17 September in a special service at Sheffield Cathedral.

Lay Ministers offer their time and skills to enable the Church to worship and serve throughout the regions of South Yorkshire and the East Riding.  The service marks an important step on the journey of vocation for the church that will continue with further learning.

Sheffield Cathedral was full as the service started with a long procession around the outside of the Cathedral building, creating a spectacle for the city to be a part of.

During the service, the Bishop Peter commissioned the Revd John Hibberd as the Warden of Parish Evangelists, the Revd Canon Mark Wigglesworth as the Warden of Lay Pioneer Ministers.  The Bishop also admitted 8 people to begin their ministry as Readers, authorised 3 Pastoral Workers, 4 Youth Ministers, 7 Children’s Ministers, 11 Worship Leaders, 1 Parish Evangelist and 4 Lay Pioneer Ministers.

Speaking at the service, Bishop Peter addressed the congregation: “We are not called to just serve those within the church, but we are called to serve our communities.  So as we rejoice and celebrate today I want to encourage each of you to see your ministry as that of the service of others”.  He continued: “ensure that we are a church that not only invites people to come to us, but that also goes out to the people”.

The Celebration of Lay Ministries Service, which takes place once a year, sees friends, family, clergy and parishes proudly supporting their candidates.  All those being authorised have studied for the specific area of ministry they are in.

Speaking before the service, Canon Dr Christine Gore, Director of Formation and Ministry at the Diocese of Sheffield, said:

"Today is the day we celebrate and acknowledge how important lay ministers are in the life of the church and its communities.  We are enormously grateful for them and all they do.”

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