New diocesan Risk Assessment online guidance launched!

15th March 2018

New diocesan Risk Assessment online guidance launched!

St Peter's College has created a brand new set of digital learning resources and guidance to help churches with activity risk assessments.

The diocesan Safeguarding team have worked with St Peter's College to design online guidance for churches on activity risk assessment.  There is a 90-minute learning section containing written content, videos, little exercises and questions along the way to help you learn - and there are also further sections devoted to templates and examples as well as who to contact in the diocese for advice and help.

Another important section gives the opportunity to upload your own risk assessments to share with others and we hope this will be well used.

Advice and resources have been taken from Ecclesiastical Insurance and the Health and Safety Executive.

The diocesan Safeguarding Training Officer, Chris Herbert said "One of the things that has become apparent as I have been carrying out safeguarding training around the diocese is a need for help, support and guidance on risk assessments, so we have created these online materials for churches to use.  One of our hopes is that those confident in doing so will also upload and share their risk assessment with others."

The guidance covers what is a risk assessment, legal duties, why we need to do them, with clear guidance on how to complete an assessment effectively and all accompanied by loads of examples and a template to download.

Visit the Risk Assessment section and get started!

Take a look at the welcome video below...


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