St Hild College gain Eco Church Award

7th September 2017

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St Hild College gain Eco Church Award

Eco Church is an initiative from charity A Rocha UK which encourages churches of all denominations to display the gospel through their care for creation. The award highlights the college's commitment to consider the environment in relation to specific criteria outlined in the Eco Church scheme. 

Students of the college voted unanimously to pursue the award after hearing from the scheme's pioneer, Ruth Valerio, at their Easter Week in 2016. Since then, a small student team have worked together on an Eco-Audit of the college and have been key players in the college receiving its award. 

Ericcson Mapfumo, a member of the team and a St Hild ordinand, has spoken about how an awareness of environmental issues plays a key part in mission and ministry. "As someone who has a background in environmental issues from my previous career before ordination training, l have been trying to figure out how the knowledge that was imparted to us by Valerio at the Easter School in 2016 might be put into practice in our own circumstances. As we brainstormed [as a] team of representatives from the college we realised that our contribution would be to make an impact in our own locality, in the parishes that we will serve...though our contribution might sound simple, the truth is, it does work: 'every little helps'...With this award, which recognises our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are saying [that] we are willing to do the best we can to improve the environment." Also on the team are Tracey Morris and Jack Bull, both pictured above with the award. 

The college are grateful for the support of Nigel Hopper, Eco Church manager, who has expressed his congratulations. "St Hild’s move to becoming an Eco College is a significant one that we hope will cultivate a culture of stewardship that students can take with them to the communities they go on to lead. We send our congratulations to all involved in achieving the Bronze award, and look forward to seeing how they continue to develop the important patterns of stewardship that are already being implemented.”

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