St Peter’s College Online Training platform launched

13th August 2017

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St Peter’s College Online Training platform launched

St Peter’s College has launched its own online learning platform, a digital learning environment which will allow those in any form of ministry in the diocese to engage in online learning any place, any time, using any online device.  The platform will also be used for what is known as ‘blended learning’ where traditional classroom-based learning is supplemented by online learning usually in the form of videos, web pages, pdfs, quizzes and discussion forums. 

Currently the Aurora youth and children’s course is using this blended learning approach and a Study Skills course will soon be available to support those starting their ordination and lay ministry theological studies in the new academic year

In the near future this platform will be used more and more as we develop online materials covering such areas as safeguarding and risk assessment as well as church warden, church council and treasurer training.

St Peter’s College is also helping other diocese in the country with this important work in growing leaders and building God’s kingdom.

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