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27th September 2018

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Whats New In Resources

Table Talk

This week we have expanded on our collection of Table Talk resources.

Table Talk, from The Ugly Duckling Company, is a ‘game of conversations’; a game for six to eight people that encourages meaningful conversation about the things that really matter in life.

The aim of Table Talk is to provide a fun place for people to begin to have conversations about the important questions in life.

The Resource Centre has had Table Talk for Blokes and Table Talk for Friends available to borrow for some time and these resources have been very popular. We have just added the following to our collection;

  • Table Talk for Women
  • Table Talk for Fourth Agers, a Dementia Sensitive Resource
  • Table Talk for 12-14 Year Olds
  • Table Talk for 16-18 Year Olds

These resources provide a fun, relaxed and easy way to start some big conversations!

Visit the online catalogue today to find out more about these, and all of our other available resources. 

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