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8th October 2018

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Whats New in Resources

This week we have added The One Hour Bible: From Adam to Apocalypse in Sixty Minutes

Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit, Jacob and the stairway to heaven, Joseph and his brothers, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath, Jonah and the whale, the miracles and teachings of Jesus, St Paul's vision on the road to Damascus, St John's vision of the new Jerusalem: the Bible is full of dramatic stories that have made it the world's bestselling book, and yet few people ever get around to reading it from cover to cover.

Now, with The One Hour Bible, readers of all ages can discover its riches and gain a birds-eye view of the entire sweep of the Bible's epic story - in just sixty minutes.

Our Librarian (official title, Resource Centre Administrator) Steph has put it to the test, can it be read in an hour?

“It can indeed! Last night, with my feet up on the sofa and a cuppa to hand (which went cold!) I read the One Hour Bible in circa 57 minutes, including the introductory pages.

As a Christian, who runs a bi-weekly toddler group, is a single parent and works almost full time, finding time to read the bible is quite the challenge! I know the parts of the bible that all Christians do, Noah, Adam and Eve, the birth of Jesus etc. but I will admit, the bits in between have sadly passed me by.

This brilliantly condensed book is an excellent way to introduce you to parts of the Bible that may not have made the ‘headlines’ and encourage you as a reader to finds the time to explore in more depth the less ‘popular’, but still engrossing, stories it has to offer.”

The One Hour Bible is available to borrow, and you should only need it for one night!

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