Parish Support Resources

toolsBelow is a bank of resources being built to support parishes in the Diocese in the area of MISSION and GROWTH. 

Most of these resources have been created or signposted as a response to the Mission Action Planning (MAP 1 and 2) work that has been carried out over the last few years with all parishes. 

Mission Action Plans focus on 8 key areas of what sort of place we want our church to be and our resources will be found under each of these headings (click on the buttons below to go to those resources):

  1. A Place of Welcome and Belonging

  2. A Place of Worship and Prayer

  3. A Place of Nurture, Discipleship and Vocation

  4. A Place with a Clear Mission and Purpose with Good Collaborative Leadership

  5. A Place for Empowerment and Involvement of Lay Members

  6. A Base for Evangelism, Outreach and Numerical Growth

  7. A Place of Serving and Transforming - Salt & Light

  8. A Place Actively Seeking to Engage with Children and Teenagers

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