Welcome and Belonging Resources

Part of the bank of parish support resources in response to Mission Action Planning (MAP) process.

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Session 1 Theology of Welcome

Parish Support Team Welcome event - Session 1 Mark Wigglesworth 7 November, 2015 as part of a Welcoming Tr...

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Session 2 Welcome Packs

Parish Support Team Welcome event - Session 2 John Hibberd

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Session 3 Welcome. Where does it begin?

Parish Support Team Welcome event - Session 3 Grant Naylor

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Session 4 Welcome Training

Parish Support Team Welcome event - Session 4 Mark Cockayne

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Session 5 Making Children and Young People Welcome

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Session 6 About the 'Everybody Welcome' course

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Everybody's Welcome Action Pack

a collaborative initiative of the Catholic Church in England and Wales suppor...

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Everybody's Welcome Resources

Lots of great resources to create a welcoming church and parish

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Everybody Welcome Course

Everybody Welcome is the complete course to transform your church by improving your approach to newcomers i...

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First Impressions Count

Welcome and Invitation - a 4-part video series with manuals to help church welcome people

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