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Readers meet on the first Tuesday of the month, usually at Church House, Rotherham (S65 1BL).  Each session runs from 7pm-9pm (with sandwiches, fruit and cakes from 6.15pm).  These events are part of our diocesan Ongoing Ministerial Development for Readers; other Lay Ministers and Clergy for whom they are relevant are also warmly invited to attend. 

Each evening involves further learning in an area of ministry relevant to Readers, led by someone with particular expertise in that area.  Often there is also practice at exegesis based around lectionary readings, providing valuable sermon preparation for those who preach.

Programme of Reader's OMD events

Each Reader is expected to attend at least two of these sessions in the year in addition to other training/learning.  If you cannot attend, you will sometimes be able to access notes and a recording of the talk from our website.  

See below for videos of sessions:

  1. 16 Nov 2015 - Making Remembrance more than just Nostalgia - Imogen Clout addresses the Sheffield Diocesan Readers' Association on the subject of Remembrance.
  2. 5 Sept 2017 - Tools for Exegesis.  Revd Dr Bill Goodman, Assistant Principal for St Peter's College and Director of Ongoing Ministerial Development speaks to the gathering of Readers.  Use this accompanying worksheet alongside the video.

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Refreshing Morning Prayer

Revd Helen Bent leads an evening of ongoing ministerial development with Sheffield diocesan Readers, Octobe...

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Psalms in Preaching and Worship

Resources from an evening of ongoing ministerial development, May 2018

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Tools for Exegesis

Practical guidance for preachers. Bill Goodman offers tools to Readers at their monthly gathering (Sept 20...

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Toolkit for Exegesis

Handout accompanying video of teaching session

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Remembrance not just Nostalgia

Imogen Clout addresses the Sheffield Diocesan Readers' Association.

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