Reminiscence Collection

Reminiscence Resources

Reminiscence resources are a way of connecting with those with dementia through the use of objects, sounds and smells that unlock lost memories and awaken and activate the brain. 

Reminiscence collections are made up of new and vintage objects, often donated, that those using the collection can touch, see, smell and interact with. This interaction then encourages conversation and the sharing of thoughts and memories.  

Our new Reminiscence collection has been created for us by Carrie Twist, using many of the pieces from our existing collection but with the addition of some wonderful new (well, actually old!) pieces, very kindly donated by a number of sources.

Our collection is now made up of six boxes on the following themes;

  • Childhood
  • Childhood Holidays
  • Cooking and Special Occasions
  • Family Life
  • Make Do and Mend
  • Work Life and Hobbies

A full list of the contents of each box can be found here Click Here

All of our collection is available to borrow free of charge for a period of up to four weeks to support you in your dementia care and Dementia Friendly Church provision.

For more information about the St Peter's College Resource Centre please Click Here

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