How to carry out a Risk Assessment in your Church

Everything you need to carry out risk assessments in your church - in 90 minutes!

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The purpose of this guidance is to increase the quality of risk assessment and improve standards of safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults as well as giving peace of mind to church leaders and activity organisers in conforming to the law and duty of care.

Who is this guidance for?
  1. Church leaders
  2. Those responsible for health and safety in the church
  3. Designated Safeguarding Officers
  4. Activity organisers – youth and children’s leaders, etc.

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For a clear understanding of what risk assessments are and how to do them we have developed some online learning resources specifically for you and churches in the Diocese.  Learn the following in 90 minutes:

  1. What is a risk assessment?
  2. Benefits of carrying out Risk Assessments 
  3. How to do a risk assessment well including a template and worked examples

This learning is accompanied by lots of examples, links to further information and who to contact for help.

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Guest Access to this Guidance

You do not necessarily need to create an account or enrol if you just want a quick look.  Guest login will allow you to see most of the learning content anonymously HOWEVER you will be unable to do the following:

  • track your progress through the materials
  • upload and share your risk assessments with others

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Chris Herbert, the Diocesan Safeguarding Training Officer explains briefly what this guidance will give you.


Risk Assessment Templates & Examples

Below are templates and examples of some risk assessments.

We recommend that you complete our 90-minute learning resource within the guidance but if you simply wish to download a template or look at a few examples, we make that as easy as possible for you - see the tiles below...

Share your assessments with others!

We would love you to upload any risk assessments you've carried out so that we can share these with others - you have the opportunity to do this within the online learning site if you create an account.

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Risk Assessment Template

Download a copy of our template recommended for use when carrying out any Ris...

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Risk Assessment Template (MSWord)

Download a copy of our template recommended for use when carrying out any Ris...

Download File

HSE Example Risk Assessment - Charity Shop

Download File

HSE Example Risk Assessment - Village Hall

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HSE Example Risk Assessment - Food Prep Area

Download File

Food Safety Checklist

If you prepare food/drinks in your church, there are a few regulations that y...

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