"On Rock or Sand?: Firm Foundations For Britain's Future" - Book Review

On Rock or Sand?: Firm Foundations For Britain's Future

Edited by John Sentamu

You may have seen or heard comment in the media about the recent House of Bishop's pastoral letter to the people and parishes of the Church of England for the General Election 2015.  It speaks about religious belief addressing the whole of life, both public and private, encourages electoral participation and building a vision of a better kind of world, a better society and better politics.  It provides not party-political comment but political comment, challenging and articulating a vision of that unfashionable subject, the Common Good.  It is the subject of Bishop Steven’s blog, posted on 3rd March, with links to the pastoral letter, but for those who want to explore the subject further, then On Rock or Sand looks at the same subjects in more detail, based on a series of symposia held by the Archbishop.  It reflects on the benefits of education, the changing face of poverty, health and wellbeing, the ageing process and the health of our representative democracy.  Those seeking a Christian response to the state of the nation will find much to reflect on in its pages.

The book is available from SPCK Publishing, as an EBook or from the Resources section at Church House.

Malcolm Fair

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