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All parishes in the Diocese should have someone in place in this role which will require you to work closely with the incumbent of the parish.  This role is usually best undertaken by lay people with experience of work with children or adults who may be vulnerable, although not always currently involved in such work in the parish. The role has frequently fallen on people with professional experience in the field - for instance, social workers, teachers - but this is not required. Training and support is offered from the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser (DSA).

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Step 1

First of all you should be nominated by your PCC (Parochial Church Council). Ideally you would need to be a part of the PCC so that you can report to them regularly and hear of any issues and programmes that are taking place around the parish that may need your advice and support.  You would also need a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service) before you could start in this role.

In order to receive the appropriate level of support and training you must also register your position with the Diocese at which point your details will be stored on the database.

Step 2

You would soon need to complete levels C1 and C2 safeguarding training ideally with the diocese of Sheffield but equivalent courses will be considered – 3 hours training is normal per level with a refresher taking place every 3 years to take account of changes in guidelines and the law.

Step 3

As well as the safeguarding training you would be expected to have a clear understanding of safe recruitment procedures and ideally receive training which may be offered in the Diocese in the future.


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Our Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Linda Langthorne, will be delighted to give you more information and advice about this vital role.   We are also looking to appoint and train volunteer diocesan safeguarding trainers.

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Further information regarding safeguarding from the Diocese


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