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The site has been designed for you to find your way around easily but here is some information which may help further.


Core Areas & Areas of Interest

St Peter’s College covers 7 core areas of learning and we use these to help filter events, courses, resources and news that may interest you e.g. Growing Disciples covers Youth and Children's work, etc.

screenshot of core areas

Buttons on the top of the page act like switches - click them on or off to filter.  Click on the 'SHOW AREAS OF INTEREST' arrow to reveal a sub-list of tags you can use to filter further.

areas of interest revealed

Help Videos

How to use the members bookmarking feature 'My Learning Plan'  My Learning Plan video 

How best to find resources your'e looking for - Search Resources video



Lots of questions answered here


Site Map

A site map is a full overview of the structure of the site with links to each section Click here


Still can't find what you want?

Our site-wide custom search will find anything on this site quickly... just enter what you are looking for below.  This tool is also available on the front page and on every other page at the top.

My Learning Plan
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My Learning Plan Help

A video explaining how to use 'My Learning Plan' to store learning resources

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