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Many people recognise that having a Spiritual Director/Accompanier can be helpful. Someone to accompany you on your spiritual journey and reflect where and how God is working in your life.  The Diocese maintains a network of Spiritual Accompaniers across the area that anyone, lay or ordained, can access via a short referral process.

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Step 1

If you are considering a role as a spiritual accompanier it is important that you have been through a spiritual journey yourself and as such you would need to complete a course in Spiritual Growth and Transformation (SG&T) or equivalent.  Over the course of six months participants are given a safe and sacred space in which to explore, reflect and share their own experience of their relationship with God, and themes such as images of God, images of self, the spiritual journey and personal call are explored. This course forms the first stage of the Art of Spiritual Accompaniment training as well as being a stand-alone experience.

Step 2

You would then go on to apply for the Art of Spiritual Accompaniment (ASA) course.  This course, running over six months, builds on what was experienced in SG&T but is more focussed on developing the skills of discerning listening, exploring and practicing a range of approaches to prayer and to introduce the practice of Spiritual Accompaniment.  It’s particularly aimed at those who feel drawn to listening to other’s faith journeys, accompanying others on their journey or sense a call to the ministry of Spiritual Accompaniment/Direction.

Step 3

After this important training you would then need to apply to be considered to be matched up with those seeking spiritual accompaniment.


Taking this further...

Go to Spiritual Growth and Transformation course

Take a look at the details by clicking on the link below:

pdf iconThe Art of Spiritual Accompaniment Brochure


Contact Karen Colley for more information and to begin the process.    telephone icon 01709 309116

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