Learner stories

Before embarking on any course we want you to hear from our existing St Peter's learners - why they chose their particular course, what their experience is like and how they are using or intend to use their new-found knowledge and skills.  

You will find these stories around the site, on courses and events - and please take a look at our video stories.

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St Peter’s College exists to serve everyone in the Diocese and covers 7 core areas of learning...

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Giles' Story

When God calls you, the call cannot be denied. Initially I considered ordination, but marriage and family came first.

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Gail's story

Gail Ashton was authorised as a Parish Evangelist in September 2017. Gail feels privileged to have been called to this ministry both by her parish, St Luke’s Lodge Moor, and by God.

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Alison's Story - Foundations Course

Alison completed her Foundations year at the School of Ministry and is now studying to be a Reader. The Foundations course is a year of exploring calling and if a specific vocation is identified candidates may move on to further lay ministry training.

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Paul's Story - Reader

Paul shares honestly about failing to be accepted for ordination but how God's plans are better than his and how he is benefiting from the lay course he is now doing.

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Chris's Story - Reader

Chris talks about his final year of Reader training before he qualifies in August and why he wanted to do the course

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Helen's Story - Foundations Course

Helen talks about why the Foundations course has really helped her to consider ordination training in the future and love studying the bible and its history.

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Amanda's Story - Reader

Amanda talks about how scary she found the first few sessions as she never sat any GCSEs but it turned out really well and she is very much enjoying the course and looking forward to qualifying.

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Sharon's Faith Story

Sharon speaks about how the Alpha course started her journey of faith following her son's baptism.

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Ed's Story - Foundations Course

Ed tells his story of why he chose the Foundations course and how it is benefiting him.

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Karen's Story

Initial Ministerial Education (IME) Phase 2 - "It took me a while to accept that God was nudging me towards ordination, but after finally admitting to myself and others that this was where I felt I was being led, it felt like no time at all (actually about 3 years) before I found myself at Mirfield training to be a priest."

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Miriam's Story

Mission Shaped Ministry (MSM) - "MSM was my first introduction to some form of biblical study; the approach to the course is very much relaxed. It gave me the space to reflect on my own faith journey through reading course materials, some books and interacting with others"

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Helen's Story

School of Ministry, Lay Parish Evangelist - "I would recommend the School of Ministry to anyone who is interested in developing further ministry in whatever they wish to do. If I can do it then anyone can!"

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Ian's Story

Continuing Ministerial Development and Spirituality course leader - "I am a committed lifelong learner and love being with others discovering and debating."

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Roland's Story

School of Ministry, Reader - "I have just completed my first year at the school of ministry and have thoroughly enjoyed the modules. The breadth of subjects ranged from understanding the origins of the bible to mission and doctrine. While I have found some of the subjects harder to get into than others I have taken something from every one of them."

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Miriam's Story - Foundations

Foundations for Ministry - "This course was recommended by our Associate Vicar. My reason for doing the course... last year I did the Mission Shaped Ministry course, which I found to be very inspiring and really enjoyed the process of learning together. I also made some good friendships along the way"

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Michelle's Story

School of Ministry, Pastoral Worker - "Since being licensed as a pastoral worker, I have set up a team, from all groups of the Church. We act as a focus and lead for pastoral work, trying to ensure that the whole Church is involved. We have set up a shared area in Dropbox for administration and have regular meetings."

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Hannah's Story

Aurora Youth and Children's Training - "I really enjoyed both Aurora courses, I gained a huge amount of confidence, met new people that I still keep in touch with, regularly sharing prayer, celebrating in our successes and sharing new ideas and most of all I feel I am better equipped to make disciples in Christ."

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Jane's Story

School of Ministry, Reader - "Why did I do it? In my childhood church the black-robed Rector did everything - I longed to ring the communion bells thingy but I was a girl."

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Simon's Story

School of Ministry, Pastoral Worker - "The difference my training has made is that I now soak myself in the Word. I am able to share my faith with historical and biblical knowledge."

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