Giles' Story

Giles' Story

When God calls you, the call cannot be denied. Initially I considered ordination, but marriage and family came first. 

But once the family was established, the call reasserted itself, and, with the encouragement of my incumbent, I found myself recommended for Reader Training. 

This is a unique, liminal ministry which straddles the mundane day-to-day world of home and work and the Kingdom of God. Readers take the Kingdom of God into the world. 

To do so requires training, preparation and formation. The School of ministry delivers all three, alongside your experience in your home parish and placements. 

For me my primary activity is being a Christian in the workplace, which is a challenge to morality and ethics. 

At church I mainly peach and lead services. Preaching the Gospel is a privilege and a challenge to my own Christian formation. Reflecting Gospel imperatives to a congregation requires faith, humility of heart and confidence of mind held in tension. 

Through photography, blogging and social media I work to re-normalise Christian activities as normative within society. I have also spoken and presented 60 second sermons on Radio Sheffield, again aiming to present Christian activities as natural activities within community. 

I am constantly challenged in my own faith, learning and formation. The School of Ministry starts the process, and the Diocese provides ongoing ministerial education as I grow and develop.  

If you feel that God is calling you to grow in faith and serve His people, I encourage you to explore the School of Ministry. It's changed my life, my faith and my love of God.  

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