Hannah's Story

Hannah's Story

In 2014 I was authorised as a children’s minister after completing the Aurora Children course, in September of this year I will be authorised as a youth minister having completed Aurora Youth this year.  

The main motivation behind doing the Aurora Children’s course was to build my confidence and explore different ways to share the Gospel with children in fun, exciting, accessible ways, but also to meet other individuals doing children’s work.  I then chose to do the Aurora Youth course as we had seen an increase in the number of youth attending our church and having just set up a youth group I wasn’t sure if I was catering to their needs and was looking for new ideas of how to engage the young people.

I really enjoyed both Aurora courses, I gained a huge amount of confidence, met new people that I still keep in touch with, regularly sharing prayer, celebrating in our successes and sharing new ideas and most of all I feel I am better equipped to make disciples in Christ.

Completing the courses really affirmed my passion for children’s and youth ministry and I am just about to start my dream job as a Centenary Project Youth and Families worker for two churches, something I don’t believe I would be doing if I hadn’t done the Aurora courses.

Hannah talks about the how the Aurora Youth course has benefited her ministry

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