Miriam's Story - Foundations

Miriam's Story - Foundations

This course was recommended by our Associate Vicar, Karen.  My reason for doing the course... last year I did the Mission Shaped Ministry course, which I found to be very inspiring and really enjoyed the process of learning together.  I also made some good friendships along the way.

I suppose this was the beginning of just letting go and being open to the possibility of doing more learning in future, I have since then attended Godly Play training for three days in July this year.  I am looking forward to putting the training in practice.

Since being a teenager, I have been involved in volunteering as a Sunday school helper on and off and that has continued into my adulthood.  Until recently, I have never had any formal training to equip me for this role, but I have had God`s grace and support from my Church Leaders as well as church family past, and present.

I have been told by friends and family that I should consider going into church ministry whether to work with children and families or as a pastoral worker.  The joy within me has always been with children and families that`s where I feel are my strengths lie.  I love working with this group of people.

I am not sure as yet where God is calling me or what this course will lead me to do in the future as for now I am open to learning and doing new things.  Blessings 

Miriam talks about why she chose to start the Foundations for Ministry course

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