Miriam's Story

Miriam's Story

MSM course is a part-time course that helps to facilitate or start a fresh expression of church e.g. Messy Church.  It gives you insight of how to develop good ways of engaging with the gospel in your own church setting and wider community.

MSM was my first introduction to some form of biblical study; the approach to the course is very much relaxed.  It gave me the space to reflect on my own faith journey through reading course materials, some books and interacting with others.

The course has enabled me look at how I teach Sunday School, how I approach various roles within church and wider community.  It helps me to be ready and willing to try a something new.  This September I will be licensed as a Lay Pioneer Minister for my parish, MSM is one of the requirements for this role.  With God`s help and willingness on my part, I look forward to the new things this role will bring.

I highly recommend MSM as part of your ministry and growth, the team on the course are fantastic and the food was amazing (Thank you Beth). Through the course I met some wonderful people of whom some have become friends. 

Miriam talks about her experience of the Mission Shaped Ministry course

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