Simon's Story

Simon's Story

I have always been interested in learning, but hampered by my dyslexia.  I used to stumble when talking about facts about Jesus and sharing my testimony – having the right scriptures and sharing it with other people.

My church kept asking me if I wanted to become an official Pastoral Worker by doing some training and a retired lady vicar sat me down and explained what I would be doing and persuaded me to apply for the course.

I went to the interview feeling very uncomfortable. I shared a bit about my past and, to my surprise, was accepted.

I found SOM (School of Ministry) exciting, but very tiring after doing a week's manual work. I felt that I could put stuff into simple terms but felt that at times, the lecturers over complicated things. I was promised help with the assignments because of my dyslexia, but, unfortunately, this did not materialise.

The difference my training has made is that I now soak myself in the Word. I am able to share my faith with historical and biblical knowledge.

In terms of the course as it was, I would recommend it to someone with a good level of education, but, in my experience, someone with learning difficulties may struggle.


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