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Short-Term Study Breaks in Jerusalem

For individuals and groups wanting to go beyond a pilgrimage program, St George’s College offers a range of more challenging study programs as well as facilities for research. Many of these programs can gain academic credit at colleges, seminaries, and universities, or points for continuing education and professional development requirements.

We welcome scholars who wish to use our library or work with the archaeological materials from Tel Dothan in the Benshoof Cistern Museum. As a member of the international consortium for the Bethsaida Archaeology Project, the College offers opportunities to participate in an active dig.

St George's College offers 5-8 day or 10-14 day Pilgrimages, Study, and Reconciliation Programs, all listed on their site with their dates and fees, which include tuition and room and board.

Please note St George's College offers bursaries to ordinands and clergy.

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