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"The third age is the period in life of active retirement or semi-retirement, following middle age."

Blessings of AgeingBlessings of Ageing resource front cover

Resources and a recorded conference from the Sheffield Diocesan Resource Group for Seniors.

Take a look at our resource Practical ways of working with older people: A guide for parishes and churches

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Dementia & Faith Resources

A comprehensive range of resources developed by the South Yorkshire Dementia Faith Network exclusively for St Peter's College.

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A proven, easy to run model of outreach to the over 60s breaking down isolation and reconnecting faith.  natter is established in several churches around our Diocese and more are joining.

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The Leveson Centre Resources

for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policygrandparents kissing

The work of the centre arose from a conviction that the contribution of older people to society was often devalued and that the church shared in this. We hoped therefore to be a local and national focus for the interdisciplinary study of ageing, spirituality and social policy through practical education, training, research and reflection on the role of older people in the 21st century. The roots of the Leveson Centre are firmly grounded in the practical experience of caring for older people in the Foundation.

Resources cover such topics as: 

Age discrimination, Ageing in the countryside, Ageing policy and research, Christian Council on Ageing Dementia Group, Dementia, A Diocesan policy for older people, End-of-life issues, Ethnic elders, Housing options, Ilness in old age, Leveson Centre publications, Long-term care, Older people and religious organisations, Quality of life in old age,Related organisations, Social Policy, Spiritual needs of older people, Welfare, benefits and pensions, Worship and older people

Leveson Centre Resources

Leveson Centre Events

Introducing ageing

Open University Free Online Course

This free course is available to start right now. It may be useful for those working with those in their third age to learn more and reflect on the process of ageing in the UK.

Review the full course description and key learning outcomes and create an account and enrol if you want to track your progress and obtain a free statement of participation.

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The Gift of Years BRF Resources and the Anna Chaplaincy

Transforming the spiritual lives of older people in the UK

The Gift of Years is part of what the BRF offer to support churches for outreach in the local community and has been developed since 2014

Interest in The Gift of Years is growing steadily across denominations and in all parts of the UK as Debbie Thrower and Alex Burn help more and more people to explore the Anna Chaplain model of chaplaincy to older people, which Debbie pioneered originally as a grassroots ecumenical project in Alton, Hampshire.

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Thinking of YouBook cover

A resource for the spiritual care of people with dementia - Joanna Collicutt


This book approaches dementia from a number of angles: biological, psychological, sociological, and theological. After an introduction explaining the multifaceted nature of this set of conditions, some possible theological responses are offered to such questions as: what is the nature of human identity? How can someone with severely impaired cognition have a full spiritual life? The book's final two sections are predominantly practical, addressing the spiritual care of the affected individual and how to help churches support affected individuals and their carers. This final section includes resources for ministry in residential care homes.  Click here to buy



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Introducing ageing

A free online course to help you understand the process of growing older in the UK - perhaps useful for tho...

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A proven, easy to run model of outreach to the over-60s breaking down isolation and reconnecting faith.

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A proven, easy to run model of outreach to the over-60s breaking down isolation and reconnecting faith.

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Silver Connections magazine

A magazine for ministry to ‘retired-plus’ for use by Chaplains, Ministers and those working with those in t...

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The Gift of Years BRF Resources

The Gift of years is a BRF ministry that aims to encourage churches to think afresh about their ministry am...

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Intro to the Gift of Years BRF Resource

Meeting the needs of older people

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Pilgrims' Friend Society Books

Resources equipping ministry to older people

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Faith in Older People

A charity working in Scotland with the aim of enabling a better understanding of the important of the spiri...

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Leveson Centre Third Age Resources

for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy

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