Canon Dr Christine Gore - Principal of St Peter's College

Welcome to St Peter’s College. My hope is that you will find this site informative and easy to find your way around. First of all, I would like to introduce you to the College and explain what it means to be a member of the St Peter’s community.

In a nutshell St Peter’s College is the Sheffield Diocesan learning community for mission and ministry and will support the diocesan vision of growing and strengthen a culture of discipleship in our churches across the Diocese.  It will do this by equipping lay and ordained people to grow the church and by offering training and support in discipleship, in collaboration with the Parish Support Team, to complement what your local church is already doing.

We aim to provide high quality training that is both relevant and appropriate as we seek to grow a mixed economy church in our Diocese.

St Peter’s is not a what but a who…’s a community of all those in ministry in the Diocese and those who want to grow in their faith.

St Peter’s is not something you graduate from... become and remain part of St Peter’s by virtue of being in ministry in the Diocese (but you must activate your membership!) 

St Peter’s is not just about short-term training….

...the focus is on life-long learning and formation - supporting and equipping people on their journey of faith and throughout their time in ministry. 


Who do we serve? Where are we?

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Our Purpose to encourage and affirm the flourishing of lay and ordained people of God.

Our Vision

... is that of a learning community that discerns, develops and forms the gifts that people of God bring to the mission and ministry of the church.

Our Values

At the heart of St Peter’s College are the following principles and values:

  • To be a Christian disciple is to be a learner - it’s a life-long process and a life-giving spiritual virtue
  • Learning is set in the context of worship and is considered to be part of our worship - as it involves a giving of ourselves to God and others; learning more about God, the world and others; a living out of our individual and communal callings
  • Learning is transformational as it requires a willingness to be challenged and changed, leading to personal transformation and the transformation of practice
  • We learn as the Body of Christ not as a collection of individuals. Hence we are a learning community and this community is at its most effective when participants are committed to the mutual flourishing and edification of every member
  • In the learning environment we aim to value the life experiences and insights of all participants - for all contribute to the learning experience
  • We encourage learners to be teachers, and teachers to be learners too
  • We aim to provide a safe space where participants are open to learn from those who are different from themselves and are willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to review what they believe and why. This therefore asks participants to be vulnerable, respectful and hospitable towards new ideas and others
  • Learners are encouraged to study at a level appropriate for them and the calling on their lives

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