Where are we?

If St Peter’s is not a building or an institution where is it?

Map of Diocese


It’s a ‘virtual’ college: for example - online information and resources, connecting people together and helping people explore what’s available in the Diocese and beyond.  A website that enables you to apply for, or book onto, courses; a resource to alert you to upcoming events that may be of interest or help to you or your church.  The website will also be a gateway to accessing information about the ongoing diocesan courses such as Worship 4 Today and Aurora.

Around the Diocese…. 

It’s a ‘local’ college: for instance the Mission Shaped Ministry course and Safeguarding training that take place more locally.

In hubs ….

It’s a ‘gathered’ college:  such as at the Bishop’s Annual Lecture and the School of Ministry which take place in more central locations. 


Who do we serve? 

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