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Exploring gifts - your shape for God's service. Materials for a free 6-part course for church groups, to help people discern their gifts for God's service.  This is a good resource prior to or alongside the St Peter's 'Foundations for Ministry' course.

The Diocese of Carlisle have developed an excellent course to help people find the gifts and how to serve God.  You can download the full course here including 6 x 2 hours session and materials for advertising and implementing the course in your church.  (There are no copyright restrictions). 

Your SHAPE for God's Service aims to enable people to understand the unique SHAPE God has made them, and how he might want to use them. This will involve looking at your:

  • Spiritual gifts (God's unique gifts to you)
  • Heart's Desire (what motivates and excites you) 
  • Abilities (your talents, knowledge and skills) 
  • Personality (your character, qualities and strengths) 
  • Experiences (what you have gained from your life experiences) 

Your SHAPE for God's Service can be used with a small group of interested people, or an existing home group, or as a slightly extended Advent or Lent course. The materials give full instructions for the group leaders. (If it is impossible to form a group, most of the materials could be used by an individual, or for spiritual direction). 

Your SHAPE for God's Service aims to create an informal atmosphere, where people feel safe to discuss things at a personal level. It consists of six 2-hour sessions. There will be some input from the leaders on the topics, and on Biblical teaching. There will also be practical exercises, discussion and application to each person's life situation, and prayer together. Between each session, there is a practical homework exercise. After the course ends, each group member has an Individual Review session with the church leader in order to explore ways of using their gifts in all areas of their lives, not just in a church context. 

Your SHAPE for God's Service has been created by Canon Amiel Osmaston (Ministry Development Officer for the Anglican Diocese of Carlisle). 

Download Full Course Materials here

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